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I love food, romance,
and the deep blue sea.

Growing up in Mexico, my cousin Tommy and I spent many idle hours exploring the picturesque beaches along the coast wading through the briny waves that lapped up around our feet.

It was heavenly to feel the soft breezes from the hills and see the clear blue sky reflected in the ocean waters. Many a time we dined at one or other of the quaint seaside cafes that dotted the coastline and took simple pleasure in the delicately aromatic seafood while watching an eternity of waves washing onto the beach.

In those cafes, no one was a stranger. People traveling to the fishing villages and resorts along the Pacific Coast of Mexico were relaxed and friendly, and we enjoyed bantering with them and learning of distant places—the lands they journeyed from to discover the colorful and enticing setting of our dear homeland.

Along with many new friends we discovered a delightful assortment of serious Mexican-style seafood. We discovered that sharing good seafood from our beloved region was like finding a pearl in an oyster—romantic and unexpected, yet radiant beyond compare. An experience we could all cherish.

When Tommy and I moved to San Antonio we found that we dreamed of the remote vistas of Mexico and craved the vibrant flavors of that faraway place. We wanted to recreate what we loved about the Pacific Coast and envisioned a restaurant where we could invite our friends and neighbors to join us in our pursuit of “serious Mexican-style seafood.”

We developed a concept that was simple. We would offer the freshest seafood served in a casual place with a cool vibe. We wanted our restaurant to feel like sweet memories of seaside villages, of Puerta Vallarta or Mazatlan . . . pulsating with life, yet relaxing, with the kind of food that could seem to bring the image of timeless ocean waves to the table. And so, from our dreams, the concept of Costa Pacifica was born.

Using only the finest catch at the market along with garden-fresh produce, spices and cheeses from local farmers markets and ranches in Texas, we have found that bringing a little corner of the beaches of Mexico to our friends in San Antonio stays true to the heart and soul of our original vision of “serious Mexican-style seafood” and to our love of food, romance, and the deep blue sea.

Please make sure to ask your server about our new selections, daily specials, and special chef’s creations. Whether you’re in the mood for casual dining or a special occasion, Costa Pacifica is sure to please.

Moris Saide – Owner Costa Pacifica, USA


Creating unforgettable moments, with unique creations, one bite at a time…

Core Values:
  • Feel pride in everything you do
  • Be honest, humble and respectful
  • Keep smiling while you make it happen
  • Always lead by example