The Hottest Seafood Trends in 2017

The Hottest Seafood Trends in 2017

The Hottest Seafood Trends in 2017

Food is taking the internet by storm! Food pictures might just be the biggest overall trend this year. For some weird reason, people aren’t just falling in love with food, but they are falling in love with the way food is presented. It seems as if selfies are “out” and food photography is “in.” Could it be because of social media? That’s our guess.

The exciting news is foodies everywhere have dubbed 2017 as the year seafood took over the food industry. Seafood is taking reign over chicken. Last year, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020 called on the public to significantly increase their consumption of seafood. We are expecting the seafood industry to grow immensely, and these are the latest trends we have seen and are expecting to see in the seafood industry in 2017:

Products from Byproducts

If you’ve ever heard that Mexicans don’t leave any part of a cow uneaten, you’ve heard right. Food producers are getting innovative and are making leftovers taste delicious again. Whether it’s leftover whey from Greek yogurt or spent grains from beer, producers are giving byproducts new life.  In the seafood world, innovative companies are looking at methods for retaining and finding uses, both edible and otherwise, for fish and shellfish byproducts. These innovative methods are spreading to the seafood industry. Companies are looking at methods for retaining and finding uses for fish and shellfish byproducts – either edible or otherwise.


This year, we’ve noticed a growing population of healthy eaters. However, we expect the popular vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, and other “special diets” to lose their strictness and gain flexibility. For example, rather than someone going vegan, they might choose a vegan diet strictly for breakfast and lunch or choose to eat gluten-free Monday through Friday. This will allow people to have more flexibility in their diets without breaking bad habits. They will be able to enjoy the foods they love without over-indulging.

Pescetarianism is a major diet trend within this category that we expect to get bigger than ever in 2017. It is similar to the vegetarian diet, except they can eat seafood.


Health and wellness is a major trend itself, but now, it’s spreading to the food industry. You might’ve already heard about people taking a shot of apple cider vinegar each day for a natural detox. Other wellness ingredients like kava, Tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogenic herbs are being used in people’s everyday lives for an extra health benefit. Seafood offers various health benefits! It’s high in protein, high in vitamins and minerals, low in fat, and low in cholesterol. We expect health freaks to start devouring in this culinary delight more often.

Global Spices and Sauces

Chefs are digging even deeper to find unique and hotter spices and sauces from all over the globe, from Africa to the Middle East. They’re looking for traditional recipes and new ingredients to incorporate into their dishes. Ten years ago, we would’ve never seen chia seeds on a menu. Today, we are more likely to find black sesame tahini, beet salsa, Mexican hot chocolate spreads, piri piri sauce, and Frontera adobo sauces in some of the dishes at our favorite restaurants. Chefs are blending these foreign flavors with local tastes to create a unique tasting experience across the menu.

Vegetable Take-Over

Vegetables? You heard that right! The vegan and vegetarian population is growing. Even those who aren’t on these diets, are eating healthier than before. Healthier restaurants are popping up everywhere, and they are more successful than ever. Even your local seafood restaurant will be offering more vegetable options to fit everyone’s needs.

Local Ingredients

Today, we can’t go out to eat, and except to eat a healthy dinner. We aren’t even 100% sure that the food we buy off the shelves at the grocery store is as healthy as the packaging says. People enjoy eating out, but it can be hard to trust the food you’re consuming at a restaurant. More seafood restaurants are shopping local and buying fresh fish. Most of the restaurants that are buying fresh and local food will let consumers know on their website or on their menus, like Costa Pacifica. In fact, Costa Pacifica doesn’t believe you should have to pay high prices to eat a healthy diet.

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