5 Things Every Mexican-Style Seafood Restaurant Must Have

5 Things Every Mexican-Style Seafood Restaurant Must Have

5 Things Every Mexican-Style Seafood Restaurant Must HaveIn San Antonio, the unique culture is unlike any other city. Everyone describes San Antonio as a big city with a small-town feel, but it feels like much more than that. San Antonio is home, but it is also diverse. Because of San Antonio’s Mexican roots, the Hispanic culture is San Antonio is incredible. San Antonio is one of the best cities to go to for true Tex-Mex foods.

However, if you are lucky enough, you may find that San Antonio offers more than just Tex-Mex. San Antonio is slowly becoming a food city on the rise. With unique restaurants opening up all around town, there’s not enough time to try them all! When it comes to choosing just one place to dine at, think of something local and unique to the city, like Mexican Seafood.

We might be a little biased, but we have good reasoning! Costa Pacifica offers authentic, fresh Mexican Seafood cuisine. It’s more than just seafood because it has a vast heritage behind it. The owners of Costa Pacifica grew up in Mexico and loved to dine at the seaside cafes. When you visit Costa Pacifica, you are experiencing authentic Mexican-style seafood cuisine.

You can dine at many Mexican restaurants, and you can visit many seafood restaurants, but a delicious Mexican-style seafood restaurant is hard to come by. There are certain foods that Mexican Seafood restaurants must have. If they don’t have these items, you need to turn the car around, and come on over to Costa Pacifica!


When people think of avocados, they think of Mexico. Even in a seafood restaurant, guacamole tastes good on pretty much everything. At Costa Pacifica, we serve our guacamole with fresh pico de gallo. You even get the opportunity to add shrimp, chicken, or beef.


Tacos aren’t just a Mexican thing, but this is also a San Antonio rule, too. All the best restaurants need tacos! Have you ever been to an upscale or authentic restaurant in the Alamo city that doesn’t serve tacos? The best authentic tacos are served on homemade corn tortillas.

Tacos are great because you don’t need any utensils, and you can customize them any way you want. Need something hot? Just add salsa. Need some protein? Add some beef fajita. At a seafood restaurant, you can customize tacos even more by offering a variety of seafood toppings to choose from. At Costa Pacifica, we even have shrimp tacos, tuna tacos, grilled fish tacos, ribeye tacos, octopus tacos, and more!


Mexico is big on hot soups like menudo, caldo, and more. If you can find a seafood restaurant that features soup in its menu, you know you’re in the right place. Soup is very popular to the Mexican culture because it was originally meant to bring the family together. It was often served at special occasions and social interactions, like weddings.

Mexican-style seafood restaurants can create a fresh take on soups with fish soup, clam chowder, and more. The best part about seafood soup is that it has to be fresh! You can ensure you will be getting high-quality seafood if there is soup on the menu.


Ceviche originated from the Latin America coast, so it is absolutely necessary to include ceviche on the menu! At Costa Pacifica, you get to choose from shrimp ceviche, jalapeno ceviche, and fish ceviche. Our chef recommends the shrimp ceviche, so you must try it!


Who doesn’t love margaritas? Margaritas are a Mexican staple, but they are also a must-have for any beach vacation. Margaritas fit into the best of both worlds when it comes to Mexican food and seafood. At Costa Pacifica, we offer four special margaritas that might just make you kick your feet up and relax. We even thought of the wine lover when we crafted our drink menu, so we have a special vinorita made with concha and cabernet.

We know how much San Antonians love chamoy, so we will even dip the rim of your glass in chamoy just for you. However, if you are a chamoy lover, you can’t visit Costa Pacifica without trying the chamochela: made with clamato, chamoy, fresh lime juice, fresh cucumber, and bud light on draft, served over ice and topped off with a tamarindo candy straw.
Visit Costa Pacifica for Authentic Mexican Seafood
For truly authentic Mexican-style seafood in San Antonio, you need to visit Costa Pacifica. We not only designed our menu for authenticity but also to the local San Antonio cuisine. From great lunch specials to day-long happy hours to live music, we are the place to be! Check out our website to learn more about our specials and events, or call us at (210) 491-1378.

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