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5 Fresh Seafood Dishes That You Must Try In San Antonio

Sometimes ordering Seafood is awful and makes people feel insecure, just because some restaurants do not prepare its dishes with fresh seafood. However, Costa Pacifica is a dedicated restaurant that delivers high-quality food with the commitment to prepare each meal using the freshest seafood.

We are located in San Antonio, offering outstanding service with the flavor of the authentic Mexican kitchen. Our restaurant has many delicious dishes to offers but these are the most-wanted ones:

  1. Costa Pacifica Fish: It is a whole Red Snapper filleted and chunked, marinated and deep-fried to perfection served with rice, refried pinto beans and fresh green salad with homemade corn tortillas. This dish is enough to share with friends or family.
  2. Seafood Molcajete: Prepared with fresh shrimp, octopus, fish ceviche, red onion, cucumber and clamato juice topped with fresh sliced avocado and cilantro. A complete mix of textures with good flavor.
  3. Tiger’s Milk: Made with white wine, ceviche broth with shrimp, fish, and octopus, cooked to order with potato, carrots and a hint of chipotle. Perfect for demanding clients that want to try a mix of distinguished flavor.
  4. Fish Ceviche Tostada: Prepared with Fresh Fish cooked in lime juice with onion, cilantro and tomato served on a crispy corn tostada over a thin layer of mayonnaise, topped with avocado. This works as a light dish just for one person.
  5. Costa Pacifica:  Made by grilled cheese tortilla stuffed with beer-battered shrimp, grilled beef or fish al pastor, topped with cabbage, pico de gallo and chipotle.

These powerful dishes are prepared to surprise your palate. The local and dishes are also available for private or business events, you can book it as easy as visiting our website. Take the first step to this amazing experience and make a reservation at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio Texas. Check out the whole menu.

Welcome to Costa Pacifica
Welcome to Costa Pacifica
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