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5 Top Reasons For Dining At Costa Pacifica

5 Top Reasons For Dining At Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is the best Mexican seafood restaurant in San Antonio. We focus on creating beautiful moments with unique creations one bite at a time.

1. A little piece of Mexico in San Antonio

Mexican culture is all about excellent food, bright colors, and loving people. No one is a stranger, and you feel like part of a big family with a whole world of flavors to discover. At Costa Pacifica, we are really into keeping traditions alive. Hopefully, our exciting yet straightforward concept will bring this feeling to you and your company to make sweet memories and enjoy unique seafood selections. 

2.Vibrant flavors

Our spectacular dishes will make your mouth water. Not everyone gets it right when it comes to seafood, but here at Costa Pacifica, we take food seriously and believe every plate is meant to be extraordinary. It is the perfect place for Mexican-style food lovers.

Ask for exclusive chefs creations, new selections, and daily specials. You’ll find the freshest seafood experience here with the most excellent catch of the market.

3. Friendly dining atmosphere

Costa Pacifica is a casual place with a relaxed vibe. We are open daily for lunch and dinner with a high bar and patio to spend enjoyable hours with your loved ones. Our staff is specially trained to give you excellent service. 

4. Tasty and fabulous drinks

If you are looking for a delicious appetizer and some tasty beverages, we have the perfect happy hour specials for you. After a long day and everyday hustle, it’s just fair to take a break now and then to have a pleasant talk with your best friends or work colleagues. You can try a new drink every time you visit and will find it surprisingly sweet and relaxing.

5. The seafood is healthy!

Did you know seafood is a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals? It can improve your heart health and immune function. We have a wide variety of plates for you to choose from, according to your mood.

Selecting a restaurant is always hard when you have so many alternatives out there, but whenever you find a place you feel comfortable with, you want to come back. Hopefully, Costa Pacifica is that place for you. Check out our menu.

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