Mexican Independence Day in San Antonio, Texas

On September 16, we celebrate Mexican Independence Day all across the globe. This year, however, Costa Pacifica will be celebrating one day early to give our guests a little more to enjoy! Join us this Tuesday, September 15, 2020 for our annual Mexican Independence Day celebration. We are open at 11 AM, but will extend our hours until midnight.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT (9/15/2020 @ 11 AM - Midnight)

COVID-19 is not over, yet! Bring your mask, and drink responsibly. We are taking proper safety precautions to ensure the most memorable social-distanced party you've experienced!

As an authentic Mexican-seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, we hold Mexico deep in our hearts and look forward to celebrating this huge feat with our guests this year and every year. Happy Mexican Independence Day! We can't wait to celebrate with you. Tap here for directions.

Mexican New Year Traditions

Most cultures celebrate New Year’s, which makes sense. It’s not a religious holiday, and it’s not celebrating any particular country. Instead, it gives you a chance to celebrate everything that has happened through the year, thinking about what’s come before while also giving perspective as you make decisions regarding your future.

There are some major similarities between the ways that Americans and Mexicans celebrate the New Year’s: mainly the fireworks, the champagne, and the desire to look to the future. However, there are also some significant differences. Below, we’ll discuss a few Mexican New Year’s traditions.

Red or Yellow?

This is one of the quirkier Mexican New Year’s traditions. Essentially, you’re supposed to wear the color of underwear that corresponds with your wishes.

If you’re wearing red underwear, you’re looking for good fortune in the romance department. This applies to people no matter their relationship status, so it can be anything from finding a new partner to keeping a marriage going strong.

If you’re wearing yellow underwear, you’re focusing more on having good luck throughout your career. This can mean anything from making more money to simply being better recognized at work.

Some people buy colored underwear specifically for New Year’s!

12 Grapes

Eating 12 grapes is one of the most infamous New Year’s traditions. There are a few different ways this can be done. One of the most common is to eat 12 grapes in the 12 minutes leading up to New Year’s, as this is supposed to give you luck that lasts throughout the year.

The 12 grapes can also represent 12 of something: either 12 wishes or the 12 months that lie ahead. If they represent the 12 months that lie ahead, it’s said that you don’t want to eat any sour grapes. One of these indicates a rough month that you’re going to experience.


There are a number of different Mexican New Year’s traditions that revolve around coins. One of the most common requires you to sweep your home. Cleaning everything out symbolizes “cleaning house” and getting your life in order. Once you’re done, you then drop coins outside your house and sweep them into your home, in order to bring good luck with money into your life.

Another tradition involves baking Mexican sweet bread. A coin is placed in the bread, and everyone in the house gets a piece. Whoever gets a slice with a coin in it is destined to have good fortune in the new year. Just make sure not to bite down on the coin!

Looking to Celebrate New Year’s?

In many parts of the world, fish are considered a classic New Year’s food. This is because fish are always swimming forward, and their scales resemble coins. In Mexico, bacalao is the New Year’s fish.

Whether you’re looking for a celebration or you simply want a place to hang out, Costa Pacifica welcomes you. Check out our menu and events page to learn more about us.

Christmas Seafood: The Ultimate Guide

There are a large variety of foods out there that you can eat to celebrate the holidays. Turkey, country ham, and beef Wellington are all common foods served to celebrate Christmas. But what if you want to eat fish?

Fish makes for an excellent addition to the holiday table, and it’s been a traditional Christmas dinner staple for centuries. Below, you’ll learn more about why seafood is so popular for both Christmas and Christmas Eve.

What Pairs Well with Christmas Seafood?

White wine is the drink most traditionally associated with eating seafood, and the same is true during the holidays. Red wines and rosés may also be used, though, depending on which fish you choose to eat.

If you want to drink a light red wine like Pinot Noir or Sangiovese, you’ll find a good pairing with a white fish like salmon, swordfish, or tuna. If you plan on serving spicy seafood, keep the red wine in the cupboard.

Rosé lovers will want to pair their drinks with either a tuna steak or a grilling swordfish.

What Kinds of Fish are Popular in Mexican Cuisine During Christmastime?

In Mexico, Christmas is taken seriously: the celebrations start on December 12th and don’t end until January 6th. As you might expect, that means there’s no shortage of food available throughout the holiday festivities.

Bacalao, for instance, is Basque style cod. It’s usually found in the central and southern parts of Mexico.

You can also have shrimp in a couple different ways: as either a shrimp cocktail or a dried shrimp pancake. Dried shrimp pancakes are commonly referred to as Torrejas. Shrimp octopus cocktails are another option, though you can also choose to have the octopus cocktail by itself.

Finally, crab is a common dish to have in Mexico during Christmastime.

What is the Feast of the Seven Fishes?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is one of the most popularly-known fish-based celebrations in America. An Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition, it started because the Roman Catholics abstained from meat on Christmas day. That said, you don’t have to be an Italian to enjoy the Feast of the Seven Fishes! Anyone can appreciate the diversity of fish available to be eaten as part of the celebration.

What Kind of Fish Should I Eat During Christmas?

Ultimately, you should eat what makes you happy. Whether you want thinly sliced kuai or pan seared cod, the holidays are all about enjoying good company and appreciating the people around you.

At Costa Pacifica, we think the joy of the holidays should be spread throughout the year. To that effect, we believe in creating a casual environment with a chill vibe. At the same time, we’re dedicated to making sure everyone can appreciate the many joys of the Mexican seafood tradition. If that sounds like the sort of thing you would enjoy, you can find us at:

434 N Loop 1604 W.

San Antonio, TX 78232

If you have any questions or you’re ready to book a reservation, you can call us at (210) 491-1378.

Fiesta Every Day

Every year in April, millions of people from various parts of the state, country, and even the world will visit San Antonio, Texas to take part in Fiesta. If you’ve never heard of Fiesta, you may not be familiar with the traditions of San Antonio! Not to worry – we will fill you in!

Fiesta in San Antonio at Costa Pacifica






What is Fiesta?

Fiesta is a celebration that takes place all over various parts of San Antonio for a period of 10 days. Whether you want to hit up the streets of downtown or enjoy a festival on the northside, there is something going on everywhere you look! You’ll see women decked out in bright flower crowns and Mexican dresses, men typically wear large over-the-top hats, and everyone loves to show off their sashes filled with medals they’ve been collecting.

While every Fiesta event offers a different atmosphere, most of them will include alcohol, food, and live music. There’s no way to describe Fiesta. It is something everyone must experience at least once in their lives. You may even become addicted to the celebration and make a tradition out of it!


How Did Fiesta Begin in San Antonio?

Back in 1891, the very first Fiesta kicked off as just a parade to honor the men who fought in the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. We still honor this tradition and call it the Battle of Flowers Parade – which is the largest parade in Fiesta. This is also the only parade in the nation to be planned and directed solely by women. It is also the second-largest parade, coming behind the Tournament of Roses Parade.



Celebrate Fiesta at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio

This year, avoid the hefty parking fees, overcrowded streets, and slow traffic. Don’t waste time going downtown to find a party. There’s an even bigger party going on over on the northside of town at Costa Pacifica in Stone Oak. Want to plan your own event with friends? Take advantage of our free party room! Get a group together, call in to reserve the room, and come party with us!


What’s New?

At Costa, we take pride on offering something new for our guests to look forward to every day of the week. No matter what your schedule is, we can always promise a good time on your days off (or your days on – we won’t tell anyone).

Daily Events at Costa Pacifica


Sunday Funday!

$1 mimosas @ 7-9 pm

DJ @ 5 pm

Monday & Tuesday:

ALL DAY Happy Hour


$5.95 JUMBO House Margaritas All Day

Live DJ @ 6 pm


Karaoke @ 8 pm

Friday & Saturday:

Live music @ 8 pm


All the fun is right here at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, Texas!


Happy National Margarita Day!

When someone asks what your favorite holiday is, you probably think of Christmas or Halloween. Did you know that there are actually over 1,500 holidays celebrated in the United States? Our favorite holiday is one that is often overlooked… and we have no idea why. It's National Margarita Day!

National Margarita Day is the best time of year! It’s the perfect excuse for day drinking and going out with your friends. Whether you’re team frozen or team rocks, we can all agree that a margarita never disappoints.

Margarita at Costa Pacifica

History of Margarita Day

National Margarita Day always falls on February 22nd. Why does this epic day fall in the middle of the winter season? Who wants to drink a frozen alcoholic beverage when it’s cold out? We have no idea, but in San Antonio, Texas, margaritas go with every season.

Margaritas are considered the most common tequila-based cocktail served in the U.S. and can be enjoyed on the rocks or frozen. It is made from tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. The best margaritas are made with freshly squeezed lime juice. Dress your rim in salt, sugar, chili powder, or go naked!

Who can we toast to and thank for the margarita? Unfortunately, too many people have tried to take credit for this delicious cocktail, so we can’t really say. You can check out our last margarita blog and use your detective skills to pinpoint who you believe is the true cocktail creator.


Celebrate National Margarita Day at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, Texas

If you live in San Antonio, you are lucky enough to celebrate margarita day with the perfect pairing… authentic delicious Mexican food! With so many choices in town to choose from, there are a few things worth considering when figuring out where to head out to.

  1. Best Margarita Special
  2. Best Location
  3. Best Food
  4. Best Environment

With all of that in mind, here is how Costa Pacifica is making National Margarita Day extra special.

Costa Pacifica Mexican-Style Seafood Restaurant

At Costa Pacifica, we view margaritas as much more than a menu item. Margaritas are our #1 drink of choice when it’s time to kick your feet up and unwind. Plus, we are known for having some of the best margaritas in San Antonio, Texas!

If you’re a local or a tourist, Costa Pacifica should be on your list of restaurants to try. Located in the Stone Oak area, you won’t find any restaurant more traditional than us! Plus, there's something new to look forward to every day of the week. Visit Costa Pacifica today!

Ring In the New Year at Costa Pacifica

“5… 4… 3... 2… 1… Happy New Year!”

The best way to ring in the New Year in San Antonio is when you’re surrounded by family and friends. There’s nothing like watching the ball drop, popping the bubbly, and grabbing your significant other for your New Year’s kiss. While you’re busy preparing for the celebratory festivities, have you ever stopped to wonder why we are celebrating? Don’t worry. We did all the digging, and we are here to fill you in!

Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s?

new years party

Believe it or not, New Year’s actually has quite a bit of historical meaning behind it. The early Roman calendar was made up of 10 months and 304 days, with each new year starting at the vernal equinox. Some say Romulus, the founder of Rome, created the calendar in the 8th century B.C. Some years later, King Numa Pompilius added the months of Januarius and Februarius (January and February). As centuries went on, the calendar fell out of sync with the sun, and people were left with a lot of questions.

In 46 B.C. Julius Caesar consulted with the smartest astronomers and mathematicians of his time to figure out why things weren’t matching up anymore. Soon, the Julian calendar was created, which is similar to the modern Gregorian calendar which many countries use today.

Caesar declared January 1st as the beginning of the year. Why January? He wanted to honor the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. Janus had two faces so that he could look back into the past and also look forward into the future. Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts, decorating their homes with laurel branches, and attending wild parties – of course. I guess you can call this the very first New Year’s Eve Party.

We may choose to celebrate New Year’s a little differently nowadays -- with fireworks, a ball drop, countdown, and champagne toast. However, let’s not forget that the Romans started the party way back when. If you think about it, New Year’s can be considered a birthday celebration for everyone… celebrating 365 days of one year down and many more to come.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolution

You may be one of those people who starts a New Year’s resolution or you may be one who wonders why you can’t just start a resolution on any other day of the year. Regardless if you choose to participate or not, the real question is… have you ever met anyone who actually finished their New Year’s resolution?

Now, let’s get back to the real question. Why start a resolution at the new year? We made it through 365 days of love, laughter, memories, and maybe even some downfalls and sadder moments. The New Year gives us something to look forward to. If things didn’t go the way we planned, we have hope and commitment to make this next year that much better for ourselves.

New Year’s Eve Party at Costa Pacifica

Book Your Table Reservation at Costa Pacifica Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

You may have your own New Year’s tradition, but traditions were meant to be broken! Okay, that may not be how the saying goes, but we can promise a great time when you spend New Year’s at everyone’s favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Costa Pacifica! Join us for a night you’ll always remember. Live music, an all you can eat buffet, champagne toast, and more! Remember, this celebration is for family and friends – which means you can bring the kids along.

For more information, visit our contact page and give us a call to reserve your table. We can’t wait to ring in the new year with you!

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Available for a Limited Time Only!