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Outstanding Mexican Seafood in San Antonio, TX

Many people in San Antonio, thinks Mexican Style is essential in its daily meals. At Costa Pacifica, our primary purpose is to make a special place for those lovers of Mexican Style Seafood who were looking for a good vibe restaurant at San Antonio, where they can find great food, taste unique flavors, and try a variety of drinks. Get the whole experience now.

Proud of our origins

They say the best way to get to the heart is through the stomach. Preparing delicious Mexican style food is the way we do it in Costa Pacifica. There are many options for restaurants in San Antonio, but one thing that makes us unique is the effort we put in to maintain our origins in every dish.

Healthy food

Choosing a restaurant is not that easy when you have so many alternatives. But there are two factors that make people choose our restaurant: a relaxed environment and healthy food. Besides what people think, Seafood is a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Within the benefits of consuming Seafood is to improve heart health and immune function.

Mexican cooking offers a singular variety of Seafood species such as shrimp, octopus, fish, calamari, etc. But its preparation goes beyond, that is the reason once you have tried Mexican Style Seafood from Costa Pacifica, you won’t want to eat anything else.

Chill Celebration at Bar Restaurant

Celebrating is always good, even better when the celebration includes the people you love. At Costa Pacifica, we developed a bright and fresh concept to not only deliver exceptional service, delicious seafood prepared by Mexican style, and drinks but a fantastic experience working on events.

We can help in making the preparations for the best memories for you and your beloved, we offer various private dining options, an outstanding team of dedicated servers, talented cooks and friendly hosts. We have experience cooperating with host bridal, baby showers, class and family reunions, and holiday gatherings.

Let our committed staff support you by developing the special event you want.

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