Mexican Independence Day in San Antonio, Texas

On September 16, we celebrate Mexican Independence Day all across the globe. This year, however, Costa Pacifica will be celebrating one day early to give our guests a little more to enjoy! Join us this Tuesday, September 15, 2020 for our annual Mexican Independence Day celebration. We are open at 11 AM, but will extend our hours until midnight.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT (9/15/2020 @ 11 AM - Midnight)

COVID-19 is not over, yet! Bring your mask, and drink responsibly. We are taking proper safety precautions to ensure the most memorable social-distanced party you've experienced!

As an authentic Mexican-seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, we hold Mexico deep in our hearts and look forward to celebrating this huge feat with our guests this year and every year. Happy Mexican Independence Day! We can't wait to celebrate with you. Tap here for directions.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

You’ve probably heard about Hispanic Heritage Month on the radio, TV, or social media. It is something that isn't just celebrated in San Antonio or Texas, but is celebrated all over the nation. However, people don’t tend to typically celebrate it like they do other large holidays and events. If we devote an entire month to our Hispanic heritage, shouldn’t we be celebrating? Let’s learn a little more about what goes on during this time.

About Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 – October 15, Americans celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

In 1968, Hispanic Heritage Month was actually started as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson. In1988, President Ronald Reagan expanded the celebration to cover a 30-day period which would start on September 15 and end on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100-402.

They chose to start on September 15 because that day is important to various Latin American countries. On that day, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile celebrate their day of independence. Another important note is that Columbus Day or Día de la Raza, falling on October 12, is within this month-long period.

Hispanic Heritage Month also celebrates the long and important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans in North America. Many people have left their home countries to move to the Unites States to pursue the American Dream.

How You Can Celebrate at Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is the perfect place to celebrate! Why? Our owners, chef, and even some of our employees moved to San Antonio from Mexico. If you are looking for an authentic and traditional taste and feel of Mexico, look no further!

Chef Chuy traveled all around Mexico perfecting the flavors of his home country. Owners of Costa Pacifica, Tommy and Moris, grew up working at their family restaurant in Mexico. It doesn’t get any more “puro Mexicano” than this.

From fried cheese tortillas to ceviche to chihuahueños, Costa Pacifica offers a variety of food and drink options that will transport you back to the Pacific Coast. If you’ve never been to Mexico, forget your passport and just come dine with us!

Costa Pacifica is a Mexican-style seafood restaurant in San Antonio, TX. For over eight years, the restaurant has been showcasing new cocktails and delicious plates. Although we are known for our presentation from kitchen to table, nothing compares to that first bite or that first sip. Costa Pacifica is located in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas, at 1604 and Blanco. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us!

Why We Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Many people who aren’t familiar with the history or traditions of Mexico are more likely to take part in more well-known Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo. Contrary to popular belief, Mexican Independence Day is not on May 5th. Those whose families came from Mexico to the follow the American Dream may be a little more familiar with Mexican Independence Day. We are here to fill you in! Keep on reading to learn more.

This History of Mexican Independence Day

We celebrate this day to remember the time Mexico won its independence from Spain. On September 16, 1810, Mexico's War of Independence officially started when the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bell and cried out to the townspeople to join together, take up arms, and rise up against the Spanish Crown. This historical event is known as ​El Grito de Dolores (the cry of Dolores) because it took place in Guanajuato. In no time, people gathered together to form a large mob and marched their way to ​Mexico City to rebel against Spanish rule.

For over a decade, the Mexicans and Spaniards were at war. On August 24, 1821, the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba, and Mexico finally put an end to three centuries of Spanish rule.

In Mexico, they celebrate Mexican Independence Day over two days.

On the evening of September 15th, the celebrations begin with a reenactment of “El Grito de Dolores” by the current president of Mexico and people begin to shout "Viva México!" The next day, on the 16th, is a day full of festivities and full of parades, food, and parties.

Celebrate in San Antonio, TX with the Mexican Margarita

The Mexican Margarita at Costa Pacifica is back! We introduced you to this one of a kind ‘rita last year, and we had to bring it back once again. Inspired by the Mexican flag, this margarita boasts red, white, and green pride. We start with a layer of chamoy, add our signature frozen lime margarita, and top it off with fresh cucumber.

Even though Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th, we think this celebration deserves an entire month’s worth of celebrations. That’s why this special margarita will be running throughout September! Come visit Costa Pacifica in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio to try this limited-time margarita. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else!

Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, Texas

At Costa Pacifica Mexican Seafood Restaurant, we will transport you all the way back to the Pacific coastal towns in Mexico. Our Chef Chuy learned how to cook traditional seaside dishes from his hometown of Mazatlán and traveled around the country perfecting his flavors. There is no other place in San Antonio that can take you back like Costa Pacifica can. Come and visit us today!