Margarita Madness in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a fun, chill night in San Antonio, TX, you can always look to Costa Pacifica! There’s something new going on every single day of the week. Whether you’re looking for great deals on food and drink, live music, karaoke, DJs, or more, we have it all!Margarita Madness in San Antonio, TX

Here in San Antonio, you will find that we like to Texas-size everything – including our margaritas. Everything really is bigger (and better) in Texas.

Now, we’re unleashing something new and exciting to keep the party going every single day this summer. It’s time for Margarita Madness! Every day in July and August, we will be offering our famous JUMBO House Margaritas for just $5.95! Our jumbo size is almost 3 times bigger than our regular size.

Get ready to turn up, kick back and relax, or whatever you’re in the mood for. Costa offers something for everyone!




If it were up to us, we would celebrate every day, but downing margaritas wouldn’t be the healthiest or smartest option. Here are some ideas for sipping on everyone's favorite tequila cocktail:

At Costa Pacifica, we throw a late Sunday Funday party at 5 pm every Sunday. We offer $1 mimosas from 7-9, but now you can pre-game or even ditch the mimosas for this awesome special!

Let’s be real… It’s summer! Even if you work a 9-5 job, day drinking is socially acceptable during the warmer months – once you are off the clock, of course. Be sure to come during lunch for lower prices on large servings OR join us after 3 pm to take advantage of happy hour.

Got a case of the Mondays? JUMBO Margaritas are the perfect cure! Tequila isn’t known to just make your clothes fall off! Also, it’s happy hour all day long so there’s even more to get excited about.

All the local party-goers consider Costa Pacifica their pre-game headquarters. You’ll need to fuel up on delicious food and tasty drinks before you head to the bar and have to wait to be served. Let our wait staff give you all the attention you deserve! Plus, we have live music every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. Dinner, drinks, and a show? Who can say no to that?

Margarita Madness in San Antonio, TX

Costa Pacifica Mexican Seafood Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

Located in North San Antonio near Stone Oak, Costa Pacifica is known for its relaxed, fun atmosphere. Take a seat at the bar, grab a table, or enjoy the patio. We always ensure you will have the best time! If not, we will promise to make it up to you. Visit us today!

Best Seafood Dishes to Enjoy in the Winter

When you think of seafood, you probably imagine warm beaches with a coastal breeze. It seems like people living in San Antonio, Texas forget that seafood can be enjoyed anytime of the year – without having to take a trip to the beach! So when it’s cold out and you’re trying to decide which restaurant to dine at, don’t leave seafood last! Fish lives matter, too.

Here are our tip dishes at Costa Pacifica, Mexican style seafood in San Antonio, that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds in the colder months.


Clam ChowderOnly Available for a Limited Time!

Clam Chowder at Costa Pacifica in San Antonio

Once you try our clam chowder, you’ll be begging us to keep it on the menu forever! Served in a warm homemade bread bowl, people have called this limited time item the “best clam chowder” they’ve ever had. We don’t want to speak for everyone else, so we will let this dish speak for itself. Come try it out, and let us know your thoughts. Hurry up! It’ll be long gone before you know it.

Fish and Cheese Empanada

Fried foods never disappoint, and neither do empanadas! One of our personal favorites is the Fish and Cheese Empanada – it’s also one of Chef Chuy’s favorites. First, we start with our fish al pastor, which is marinated in a special achiote sauce for about 12 hours. When you bite into this, you can expect our flavorful fish and melted cheese to ooze into your mouth.

Of course, we are known for our presentation as well. So this dish is served on a bed of refried beans and drizzled with sour cream.


Tlalpeño Marisco Soup

Tlalpeño Marisco Soup

All of our soups are cooked to order, which ensures that you receive the highest quality and best tasting soup you ever had! We can promise it won’t be sitting in a warmer in our kitchen. Every ingredient will be patiently waiting for you.

We put our own spin on this traditional Mexican dish. You may have had tlalpeño soup with chicken, but of course we have to put our own flare into this authentic flavor. This is a warm seafood delight which is filled with all your favorites: shrimp, octopus, clam, fish, and squid. We mix these ingredients in a special broth avocado, panela cheese, and chipotle. Be warned, it comes with a spicy kick!

Shrimp Green Enchilada

Everyone in San Antonio knows that enchiladas never go out of season! Our Shrimp Green Enchiladas are a fan favorite, and unlike any green enchiladas you’ve ever had. Our green sauce is made from poblano peppers, but we promise that it isn’t too hot to handle. We stuff a homemade corn tortilla with sautéed shrimp, and top it off with our green sauce, melted cheese, and cilantro.

Costra Pacifica ShrimpCostra Pacifica Shrimp

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not quite the name of our restaurant, but it is pretty close!

This one is perfect for all you cheese lovers. If you’ve never had a cheese taco, you haven’t had this dish! Our “tortilla” for this dish is made entirely out of cheese – yes, CHEESE.

We stuff this taco with beer battered shrimp and top it off with pico de gallo, cabbage, and chipotle alioli. Then, we lay it on a bed of homemade white rice. One bite will take you to cheese heaven!


Costa Pacifica Mexican Seafood Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

If we’re being honest, food can be enjoyed all year round! Has anyone ever turned down ice cream because it’s cold outside? Of course not. Our restaurant will transport you to the coastal beaches of Mexico in one bite. Come escape the cold at Costa Pacifica!

We’ve told you our winter favorites at Costa Pacifica! What are yours? We’d love to hear what you have to say! Visit our contact page and leave us your thoughts.



Ring In the New Year at Costa Pacifica

“5… 4… 3... 2… 1… Happy New Year!”

The best way to ring in the New Year in San Antonio is when you’re surrounded by family and friends. There’s nothing like watching the ball drop, popping the bubbly, and grabbing your significant other for your New Year’s kiss. While you’re busy preparing for the celebratory festivities, have you ever stopped to wonder why we are celebrating? Don’t worry. We did all the digging, and we are here to fill you in!

Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s?

new years party

Believe it or not, New Year’s actually has quite a bit of historical meaning behind it. The early Roman calendar was made up of 10 months and 304 days, with each new year starting at the vernal equinox. Some say Romulus, the founder of Rome, created the calendar in the 8th century B.C. Some years later, King Numa Pompilius added the months of Januarius and Februarius (January and February). As centuries went on, the calendar fell out of sync with the sun, and people were left with a lot of questions.

In 46 B.C. Julius Caesar consulted with the smartest astronomers and mathematicians of his time to figure out why things weren’t matching up anymore. Soon, the Julian calendar was created, which is similar to the modern Gregorian calendar which many countries use today.

Caesar declared January 1st as the beginning of the year. Why January? He wanted to honor the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. Janus had two faces so that he could look back into the past and also look forward into the future. Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts, decorating their homes with laurel branches, and attending wild parties – of course. I guess you can call this the very first New Year’s Eve Party.

We may choose to celebrate New Year’s a little differently nowadays -- with fireworks, a ball drop, countdown, and champagne toast. However, let’s not forget that the Romans started the party way back when. If you think about it, New Year’s can be considered a birthday celebration for everyone… celebrating 365 days of one year down and many more to come.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolution

You may be one of those people who starts a New Year’s resolution or you may be one who wonders why you can’t just start a resolution on any other day of the year. Regardless if you choose to participate or not, the real question is… have you ever met anyone who actually finished their New Year’s resolution?

Now, let’s get back to the real question. Why start a resolution at the new year? We made it through 365 days of love, laughter, memories, and maybe even some downfalls and sadder moments. The New Year gives us something to look forward to. If things didn’t go the way we planned, we have hope and commitment to make this next year that much better for ourselves.

New Year’s Eve Party at Costa Pacifica

Book Your Table Reservation at Costa Pacifica Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

You may have your own New Year’s tradition, but traditions were meant to be broken! Okay, that may not be how the saying goes, but we can promise a great time when you spend New Year’s at everyone’s favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Costa Pacifica! Join us for a night you’ll always remember. Live music, an all you can eat buffet, champagne toast, and more! Remember, this celebration is for family and friends – which means you can bring the kids along.

For more information, visit our contact page and give us a call to reserve your table. We can’t wait to ring in the new year with you!

Cracking the Case About Clam Chowder

In San Antonio, Texas, our winter months are very short. However, Texas can be unpredictable, so it decided to skip fall this year and head straight into winter! While we may not have been prepared for the cold, at least we can indulge on our warm favorites a little earlier. Now, there’s more reason to have an extra cup of coffee, sip on hot cocoa by the fire, and order clam chowder from Costa Pacifica.

What is Clam Chowder?

If you search for the definition of “chowder,” you will find it described as "a soup or stew of seafood (as clams or fish) usually made with milk or tomatoes, salt pork, onions, and other vegetables." There are probably hundreds of different ways to make chowder today! Depending on what countries or states you are in may affect the type of clam chowder you will find in most restaurants.

The biggest differences you will find lie in the base of the soup. Some may use milk to produce a thick, creamy broth, while other prefer to use a red broth made with tomatoes and spices. Let’s not forget that there is also a clear broth derived from clam juice. There’s no saying which soup is the best because everyone has their own preference! Some may love a white creamy base, while others prefer a warm tomato broth.

Where was this delicious soup first created?

You are probably most familiar with New England Clam Chowder and assume that was the birthplace of this famous soup! The truth is, we aren’t exactly sure who created it first or where it was first created.

Before clam chowder gained popularity, fish chowder was the meal of choice and was considered a poor man’s food. Unlike today, it might be one of the most expensive soups at the restaurant!

The Oxford English Dictionary says we can trace the beginnings of chowder back to the fishing villages along the coast of France from Bordeaux to Brittany.  There are also early European references made in the Southwestern England and northwestern France.

American Indians heavily consumed clams and oysters along the Atlantic coast. While Northeastern Indians also ate a lot of fish, the Pilgrims were not fond of seafood. Fish chowder was popular among Northeastern Indians, but as this dish has been created instinctively along almost every coast in the world, we can’t credit the Indians for introducing it to Europeans.

What we know for sure is that the dish somehow made its way to America by the 17th century. If we look at Savoring Gotham: A Food Lovers Companion to New York City, the New England style of chowder was introduced to the area by French, Nova Scotian, or British settlers and became a common dish by the 1700s.

Clam Chowder is available for a limited time at Costa Pacifica!

Grab a bite of your favorite soup at your favorite restaurant in San Antonio, TX! Costa Pacifica is switching things up this year by serving our creamy clam chowder (New England style) in a bread bowl. And if we are being honest, the bread is the best part! Slightly crunchy on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.

Unlike other restaurants, our dishes and even our soups are made fresh to order. You won’t find a pot in the kitchen sitting under a warmer until someone places an order. Your soup will be made for you by hand the moment our cooks receive the ticket for your order. When we say “sea-riously” good food, we aren’t kidding!

Grab your family, get in the car, and drive on over to the restaurant! This soup is only available during the colder months. If our guests show this soup enough love, who knows? It may stay on the menu permanently! One can only hope…

Head on over to Costa Pacifica, located in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas. Satisfy your stomach with our one of a kind, fresh bowl of Clam Chowder!

Thanksgiving: It’s More Than Just Turkey

On every fourth Thursday of November, friends and family gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time to give thanks, spend time with family, devour way too much food, and gather around the living room to watch football.

Some families in San Antonio continue to celebrate their own family traditions on Thanksgiving. Maybe you decide to enjoy a stress-free day and leave the turkey behind while you hit up your favorite restaurant. For others, it may be the cooking that is the most valued part of the holiday.

You might remember being dressed in paper pilgrim hats and Indian feathers during lunch time at school when you were younger. But do you remember learning the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving? Let’s fill you in on some history.

The First Thanksgiving

In 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, the pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which lasted for three days! This was the start of their tradition to thank God for their successful harvest in the New World. A letter found by Edward Winslow, an English leader who witnessed the Thanksgiving, said they ate enough food to last one week.

Why Do We Eat Turkey?

Contrary to popular belief, the first Thanksgiving meal didn’t include turkey, ham, stuffing, a pecan pie. Instead, they had fowl, flint corn, squash, porridge, chestnuts, shellfish, and venison around the table. Historians also believe that the majority of their dishes were made with Native American spices and traditional cooking methods.

Keep in mind that the Pilgrims did not have ovens and the Mayflower had a very small sugar supply. Without ovens and sugar, it would be a little difficult to bake a sweet dish for dessert. Unfortunately, the meal did not include pies, cakes and other desserts, which completes every Thanksgiving meal today.

In 1621, turkeys were not part of the feast, but 90% of American families today eat turkey on this holiday. We can give a lot of credit to Alexander Hamilton who stated, "No citizen of the U.S. shall refrain from turkey on Thanksgiving Day." During the fall season in 1621, they hunted wild turkeys - which were also a Native American bird. Soon enough, it gained traction as a staple for the holiday meal.

How Thanksgiving Became a Holiday

In 1789, our first president George Washington declared a national day of thanks and prayer to celebrate defeat against the British at the Battle of Saratoga. Later on in 1777, he called for another day of thanks on the last Thursday of November to commemorate the end of the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution. However, the Thanksgiving Day we are familiar with today was not proclaimed an official federal holiday until President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 during the Civil War.

Gather Around the Table with Friends and Family in San Antonio at Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica may not be the first restaurant that comes to mind when you think of a Thanksgiving meal, but it should! Costa Pacifica is one of the most fun and vibrant restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, which makes it the perfect place to host a gathering. You may not find turkey on the menu, but there is a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetarian food items.

Our restaurant is complete with a patio, outdoor and indoor bar, bar area, dining room, and private room for 35 guests in the Stone Oak area. The best part? Our private room is free with a reservation! Come to Costa Pacifica during the holidays for a lovely meal with your favorite people. Happy Thanksgiving!

Why We Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Many people who aren’t familiar with the history or traditions of Mexico are more likely to take part in more well-known Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo. Contrary to popular belief, Mexican Independence Day is not on May 5th. Those whose families came from Mexico to the follow the American Dream may be a little more familiar with Mexican Independence Day. We are here to fill you in! Keep on reading to learn more.

This History of Mexican Independence Day

We celebrate this day to remember the time Mexico won its independence from Spain. On September 16, 1810, Mexico's War of Independence officially started when the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bell and cried out to the townspeople to join together, take up arms, and rise up against the Spanish Crown. This historical event is known as ​El Grito de Dolores (the cry of Dolores) because it took place in Guanajuato. In no time, people gathered together to form a large mob and marched their way to ​Mexico City to rebel against Spanish rule.

For over a decade, the Mexicans and Spaniards were at war. On August 24, 1821, the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba, and Mexico finally put an end to three centuries of Spanish rule.

In Mexico, they celebrate Mexican Independence Day over two days.

On the evening of September 15th, the celebrations begin with a reenactment of “El Grito de Dolores” by the current president of Mexico and people begin to shout "Viva México!" The next day, on the 16th, is a day full of festivities and full of parades, food, and parties.

Celebrate in San Antonio, TX with the Mexican Margarita

The Mexican Margarita at Costa Pacifica is back! We introduced you to this one of a kind ‘rita last year, and we had to bring it back once again. Inspired by the Mexican flag, this margarita boasts red, white, and green pride. We start with a layer of chamoy, add our signature frozen lime margarita, and top it off with fresh cucumber.

Even though Mexican Independence Day is on September 16th, we think this celebration deserves an entire month’s worth of celebrations. That’s why this special margarita will be running throughout September! Come visit Costa Pacifica in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio to try this limited-time margarita. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else!

Costa Pacifica in San Antonio, Texas

At Costa Pacifica Mexican Seafood Restaurant, we will transport you all the way back to the Pacific coastal towns in Mexico. Our Chef Chuy learned how to cook traditional seaside dishes from his hometown of Mazatlán and traveled around the country perfecting his flavors. There is no other place in San Antonio that can take you back like Costa Pacifica can. Come and visit us today!

Painting Al Pastor Red

In central parts of Mexico, al pastor is a pretty common dish. In fact, it’s commonly ordered at Mexican restaurants around the city here in San Antonio, Texas. Al pastor is typically pork based and is marinated in a mixture of dried chilies, spices, and pineapple. Have you ever ordered Tacos al Pastor? If you have, you probably fell in love at first bite! But did you ever wonder where the redness of the meat came from? It came from the plant achiote!

About Achiote

You may know it as the lipstick plant, achiote, or Bixa Orellana. Nonetheless, most Mexicans know this plant as achiote, so we’ll stick to that term for now. For centuries, it was primarily used as a textile dye and as a natural food coloring originating from South America. The plant gets its color from their red capsules which contain tiny red or yellow seeds inside. The seeds themselves are called annatto. While annatto smells pleasant, sweet, and peppery, it tastes dry, mild, and earthy.

History of Achiote

According to famous legends, when the Spanish explored the Amazon Basin, they came across Yagua Indians or Nihamwo. The Yaguas territory stretched from Colombia to Brazil, and they were dressed in red palm fiber skirts (dyed with annatto) and were armed with blow guns as weapons. The Spanish thought these men were actually women since they were dressed in skirts. They decided to name the large river after Greek mythological Amazon women warriors… the Amazon River.
Back in the day, they not only used the coloring for textile dyes, but they also used it for body paint. They may have used the body paint for different purposes or reasons like to distinguish a level of importance or hierarchy, for ceremonies, etc.
The native people from the Amazon saw annatto much more resourceful than just for color. They were able to produce gum from the bark’s resin and made string from the plant’s fibers. The gum helped create a substance that would treat conjunctivitis, and the leaves from the plant helped treat dermatitis and hepatitis.
In the 1700’s, European explorers realized the huge importance of the plant and the plant began being exported. Soon, the plant was also being shipped to India and Southeast Asia. In Latin America, Europe, and the USA, annatto was primarily used as food coloring for cheese, butter, margarine, egg products, seasonings, and more. Now, you are probably more familiar with it being used to provide color and flavor beef or pork!

Al Pastor at Costa Pacifica

If you are looking for traditional Mexican food in the San Antonio or Stone Oak area, look no further than Costa Pacifica Mexican-Style Seafood. Offering more than just seafood, Costa Pacifica also specializes in various flares, like beef ribeye and oriental chicken. Be sure to order Tacos al Pastor or another one of our popular, traditional dishes. There’s something on the menu for everyone to enjoy! Next time you’re craving Mexican food, be sure to head on over to Costa Pacifica.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Sunday Funday at Costa Pacifica

To many people in San Antonio, Sundays are known best for brunch or day drinking. At Costa Pacifica, we know the best cure for Saturday night’s hangover. It definitely doesn’t start with waking up at 9 AM to make it to brunch before all the best drink specials end. That’s why we created CruDomingos, or as we call it… Hangover Sundays.

What’s the easiest way to get rid of a hangover? Sleep it off in the morning, and then take the hair of the dog. We have 10 reasons why Costa Pacifica is the place to be in San Antonio, TX, every Sunday!

1. Get some guilt-free extra shut-eye

After a long night out on a Saturday, you deserve to sleep in on Sunday! (We’re not morning people either.) That doesn’t mean the party has to end just yet, though! Sunday Funday doesn’t start until 5 pm, so you won’t miss out on the best party of the weekend!

2. Late drink specials

Most restaurants don’t have drink specials around dinner time, but we do! We can’t have a Sunday Funday party without mimosas on special. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all your other favorites. Check out our Sunday Funday specials below, valid on Sundays 5pm-10pm.

3. Enjoy live music

If you know Costa Pacifica, you know we like to party! You can’t have a party without awesome music! We bring out some of the hottest DJs to our Sunday Funday party. We know you may feel weird clubbing on the patio of a restaurant, but we stick to chill lounge-style music. Feel free to dance if you want to! Most of our guests prefer to jam out in their seats over a variety of delicious food and refreshing cocktails.

4. Spend time with your closest friends and family

There’s no denying that alcohol brings people together. Even scientific research studies have found that alcohol makes people friendlier - as long as you’re drinking safe and don’t go over your limit! In many cultures, dinner is an important event for families to get together. Gather your family and friends, and create memories together around the table at Costa Pacifica.

5. Feel the breeze on the patio

Unlike other bars and restaurants, we have fans on our patio! Don’t worry about it being too hot to sit outside. You’ll enjoy a nice natural breeze and cool air from our fans. With a nice view of the green Sonterra golf course, you won’t find an ambience like this anywhere else in San Antonio. Plus, once the sun sets, we’ll turn on our dangling lights and it’ll feel like you’re partying on the Pacifica Coast.

Psssttt... Want in on our hidden secret? We have a small hangout area on the back of the building! Once you’re on the patio, walk behind the bar and you’ll find comfortable chairs to lounge on with a view of the golf course. Order from the bar, take your drink with you to our secret hideout, and relax!

About Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is a Mexican-Seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, near Stone Oak. How do you know the food is truly authentic? The owners, Tommy and Moris, are from Mexico and brought Chef Chuy with them to San Antonio. Chef Chuy was born in the coastal town of Mazatlan, Mexico, and traveled around Mexico as a chef. If there is anyone who knows how to make traditional Mexican-style Seafood, it’s Chef Chuy!

You can read all the reviews online to find out what people think of us. The best way to find out just how fresh we are is to come in and try us! There’s a party every day of the week at Costa Pacifica. Check it out for yourself!

Get To Know Chef Chuy

If you’re a regular at Costa Pacifica, you are probably very familiar with our delicious food, but how well do you know the face behind your favorite dishes? Hint: The man is from Mexico. That’s right! Our Mexican food is as authentic and traditional as it gets. Keep on reading to learn all about Chef Chuy from Costa Pacifica.

Chef Chuy’s journey to the restaurant industry

Chuy is originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. He landed his first job at just 15 years old working in produce. He knew how to mix and blend various fruits to make fresh juices and smoothies. After this venture, he started making his way into the restaurant business.

Chuy started out as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, while he was going to college and studying architecture. He quickly started to work his way up the ladder. After 4 months as a dishwasher, they put him in the kitchen as a line cook. Then, he spent one year working as Sous Chef. When he was just 17 years old, he finally got promoted to Head Chef! Soon after, the Mexican government paid for Chuy to attend two years of cooking school to become an official chef.

When he was just 18, he was invited to be one of the youngest chefs to compete in a cook-off at the World Trade Center in Mexico. However, he didn’t win, but he gained great recognition! Today, he has competed in large cooking competitions with some of the top chefs across the world. Paul Bocuse was one of the largest mentors at the San Antonio culinary school (Culinary Institute of America), and Chuy would often be invited to compete at the international culinary competition of the Bocuse d'Or (Golden Bocuse) in Mexico. Unfortunately, Bocuse recently passed away this January.

Now, let’s get back on track… When Chuy was 19 years old, he was given the opportunity to move to Guadalajara and work as Head Chef at the owner’s other restaurant. He was also invited to many other cities to work as a chef and traveled to Tijuana, Los Cabos, Mexico City, and more!

When Chuy lived in Mexico City, he decided to attend one of the top culinary institutes, Ambrosia, but he eventually dropped out to pursue architecture once again. He went back to college to study architecture, but he didn’t last long. Once a month, the school would require him to stay all weekend long for a large project and would not allow him to leave campus. Chuy was still working as a Head Chef and had too many responsibilities to focus on school. Chuy would get called to come into work in the middle of class because the restaurant was overwhelmed and needed his help.

When Chuy was 21 years old, he returned to Mazatlán and got involved in several other cooking ventures. He started teaching culinary classes at Tecnológico de Monterrey – Mazatlán and became a judge for food competitions.

What brought him to America?

Chuy moved to Monterey when he was 24, continued teaching, and continued cooking for two other restaurants. One of the restaurants he worked for eventually brought him to Texas. The owner of the restaurant, Tommy, was Moris Saide's uncle! Moris and Tommy partnered together to create Costa Pacifica, Mexican-Style Seafood in San Antonio, TX. They wanted Chuy as their Executive Chef, and it took off from there! Chuy creates all the recipes and food presentations that guests experience. Now, Chuy has been living and working in San Antonio at Costa Pacifica for about 8 years.

How and when did you decide you wanted to be a chef?

Chef Chuy started cooking at home when he was 14 years old, but he never dreamed of becoming a chef. The opportunities came to him, and he fell in love with it! He dropped out of architecture school because he knew his future was going to be in the kitchen.

Have you always specialized in Seafood or Mexican food?

Chuy has opened 24 various types of restaurants throughout his career: Japanese, French, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai Seafood, and Mexican Seafood. His highest level of expertise is in Mexican Seafood because of where he grew up. Mazatlán locals know how to cook the best seafood!

After spending all day in the kitchen, do you like to cook at home?

Chuy says he hardly eats at home because he’s never hungry after seeing food all day! His wife will have dinner ready for him by the time he gets home, but he won’t eat it until around 1 AM – around the time he begins to get hungry. Even though he hardly cooks at home, he often grills steak and other meat on the weekend for his family. Once a month, he will also barbecue for his family, but using the conventional oven! Now, that’s innovation.

Where do you find inspiration to create new dishes?

Chuy will use whatever he finds in the kitchen to whip up something new. He consistently chops up different

ingredients and mixes different sauces and spices to create new flavors. He works in reverse and will throw something together, and then taste it to figure out which combinations provoke the flavor. Once he finds the taste, he will try to match it to the best type of meat or fish.

Many of the dishes are also inspired by the patrons. People will

come to Chuy and describe something they tasted or something they are craving, and he will try to create it. For example, the Torre Lida and Sashi-Tommy were inspired by our guests!

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

Chuy’s favorite dish is the Zarandeado Fillet. A steel net is used to cook the fish fillet on both sides, keeping it together. The term “zarandeado” is also from Mazatlán, meaning “to shake.” On the menu, you can also find more of Chef Chuy’s recommendations!

If there is one thing on the menu that everyone must try, what is it?

Chuy says if you have never been to Costa Pacifica before, you MUST try the Oriental Tostada or the Shrimp Aguachile on your first visit. The Oriental Tostada has been the #1 most ordered item on the menu since the restaurant first opened.  You can find a few other Asian influences throughout some of the dishes on the menu.

What is one thing many would be surprised to learn about you?

FUN FACT: Chuy was a feather weight boxer for 8 years with 45 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. You won’t want to pick a fight with him!

Taste Chef Chuy’s Inspired Dishes at Costa Pacifica

The Mexican Seafood at Costa Pacifica will make you feel like you crossed the Texas border…. and never want to come back to San Antonio! The dishes are out of this world: fresh, tasty, and full of mouthwatering flavor. With a new large menu, you will have even more options to choose from. Don’t worry, we were sure to mark each of Chef Chuy’s recommendations.

What would you like to see him whip up next? Feel free to ask! All you have to do is come on in and eat your heart out. Check out the full menu here!