Ring In the New Year at Costa Pacifica

“5… 4… 3... 2… 1… Happy New Year!”

The best way to ring in the New Year in San Antonio is when you’re surrounded by family and friends. There’s nothing like watching the ball drop, popping the bubbly, and grabbing your significant other for your New Year’s kiss. While you’re busy preparing for the celebratory festivities, have you ever stopped to wonder why we are celebrating? Don’t worry. We did all the digging, and we are here to fill you in!

Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s?

new years party

Believe it or not, New Year’s actually has quite a bit of historical meaning behind it. The early Roman calendar was made up of 10 months and 304 days, with each new year starting at the vernal equinox. Some say Romulus, the founder of Rome, created the calendar in the 8th century B.C. Some years later, King Numa Pompilius added the months of Januarius and Februarius (January and February). As centuries went on, the calendar fell out of sync with the sun, and people were left with a lot of questions.

In 46 B.C. Julius Caesar consulted with the smartest astronomers and mathematicians of his time to figure out why things weren’t matching up anymore. Soon, the Julian calendar was created, which is similar to the modern Gregorian calendar which many countries use today.

Caesar declared January 1st as the beginning of the year. Why January? He wanted to honor the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. Janus had two faces so that he could look back into the past and also look forward into the future. Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts, decorating their homes with laurel branches, and attending wild parties – of course. I guess you can call this the very first New Year’s Eve Party.

We may choose to celebrate New Year’s a little differently nowadays -- with fireworks, a ball drop, countdown, and champagne toast. However, let’s not forget that the Romans started the party way back when. If you think about it, New Year’s can be considered a birthday celebration for everyone… celebrating 365 days of one year down and many more to come.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolution

You may be one of those people who starts a New Year’s resolution or you may be one who wonders why you can’t just start a resolution on any other day of the year. Regardless if you choose to participate or not, the real question is… have you ever met anyone who actually finished their New Year’s resolution?

Now, let’s get back to the real question. Why start a resolution at the new year? We made it through 365 days of love, laughter, memories, and maybe even some downfalls and sadder moments. The New Year gives us something to look forward to. If things didn’t go the way we planned, we have hope and commitment to make this next year that much better for ourselves.

New Year’s Eve Party at Costa Pacifica

Book Your Table Reservation at Costa Pacifica Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

You may have your own New Year’s tradition, but traditions were meant to be broken! Okay, that may not be how the saying goes, but we can promise a great time when you spend New Year’s at everyone’s favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Costa Pacifica! Join us for a night you’ll always remember. Live music, an all you can eat buffet, champagne toast, and more! Remember, this celebration is for family and friends – which means you can bring the kids along.

For more information, visit our contact page and give us a call to reserve your table. We can’t wait to ring in the new year with you!

5 Reasons to Celebrate Sunday Funday at Costa Pacifica

To many people in San Antonio, Sundays are known best for brunch or day drinking. At Costa Pacifica, we know the best cure for Saturday night’s hangover. It definitely doesn’t start with waking up at 9 AM to make it to brunch before all the best drink specials end. That’s why we created CruDomingos, or as we call it… Hangover Sundays.

What’s the easiest way to get rid of a hangover? Sleep it off in the morning, and then take the hair of the dog. We have 10 reasons why Costa Pacifica is the place to be in San Antonio, TX, every Sunday!

1. Get some guilt-free extra shut-eye

After a long night out on a Saturday, you deserve to sleep in on Sunday! (We’re not morning people either.) That doesn’t mean the party has to end just yet, though! Sunday Funday doesn’t start until 5 pm, so you won’t miss out on the best party of the weekend!

2. Late drink specials

Most restaurants don’t have drink specials around dinner time, but we do! We can’t have a Sunday Funday party without mimosas on special. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all your other favorites. Check out our Sunday Funday specials below, valid on Sundays 5pm-10pm.

3. Enjoy live music

If you know Costa Pacifica, you know we like to party! You can’t have a party without awesome music! We bring out some of the hottest DJs to our Sunday Funday party. We know you may feel weird clubbing on the patio of a restaurant, but we stick to chill lounge-style music. Feel free to dance if you want to! Most of our guests prefer to jam out in their seats over a variety of delicious food and refreshing cocktails.

4. Spend time with your closest friends and family

There’s no denying that alcohol brings people together. Even scientific research studies have found that alcohol makes people friendlier - as long as you’re drinking safe and don’t go over your limit! In many cultures, dinner is an important event for families to get together. Gather your family and friends, and create memories together around the table at Costa Pacifica.

5. Feel the breeze on the patio

Unlike other bars and restaurants, we have fans on our patio! Don’t worry about it being too hot to sit outside. You’ll enjoy a nice natural breeze and cool air from our fans. With a nice view of the green Sonterra golf course, you won’t find an ambience like this anywhere else in San Antonio. Plus, once the sun sets, we’ll turn on our dangling lights and it’ll feel like you’re partying on the Pacifica Coast.

Psssttt... Want in on our hidden secret? We have a small hangout area on the back of the building! Once you’re on the patio, walk behind the bar and you’ll find comfortable chairs to lounge on with a view of the golf course. Order from the bar, take your drink with you to our secret hideout, and relax!

About Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is a Mexican-Seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, near Stone Oak. How do you know the food is truly authentic? The owners, Tommy and Moris, are from Mexico and brought Chef Chuy with them to San Antonio. Chef Chuy was born in the coastal town of Mazatlan, Mexico, and traveled around Mexico as a chef. If there is anyone who knows how to make traditional Mexican-style Seafood, it’s Chef Chuy!

You can read all the reviews online to find out what people think of us. The best way to find out just how fresh we are is to come in and try us! There’s a party every day of the week at Costa Pacifica. Check it out for yourself!