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The Best 5 Mexican Dishes in San Antonio

Costa Pacifica combines vibrant Mexican flavors with fresh seafood in San Antonio to create a breathtaking experience. 

This bar and restaurant offers unique dishes in a cool-vibe kind of place. If it’s one of those days you just need to escape the routine, plan a night out with some friends and try one of these awesome dishes:

  1. POPEYE FILLET – This delicious costa plate is highly recommended. One of the most wanted dinner specialties at Costa Pacifica. It contains grilled fish filet with creamy spinach & mushroom sauce topped with grilled cheese. It is served with rice and fresh green salad, but you can ask for a different companion.
  2. TORRE LIDA – Imagine a mouthwatering tuna tower with avocado. Heavenly marinated fresh tuna, garlic-lime mushrooms and fresh tuna on top, served with a spectacular “rasurada” sauce. Finally, topped with sesame oil and seeds.
  3. MARINERO RICE – Marked as a Chef’s selection. Exquisite fried rice cooked with shrimp, octopus, fish, and squid. Topped with cilantro as a final touch.
  4. SHRIMP TIKI-TIKI – A dinner specialty for a perfect night out. Tasty butter-grilled shrimp topped with a white wine mushroom creamy sauce. Includes a hint of chipotle and homemade rice. 
  5. GUACAMOLE COSTA – As a lighter option, this appetizer will blow your mind. Fresh made to order avocado chinks with pico de gallo. Topped with delicious lime dressing and served with tortilla strips. Add shrimp, beef or chicken to complete your dining experience.

Costa Pacifica also offers tasty drinks, in case you are in the mood for a special combination. Try Ocean Water, a unique margarita with tequila, peach schnapps, blue curacao, and fresh lime juice.

Make it one of those memorable nights. What could be better than sharing quality time with great people, trying new and exciting flavors in a friendly dining atmosphere? It’s only fair to treat yourself every now and then, and Mexican food is always a good idea.

Check out the whole menu.

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