Bar and Restaurant Costa Pacifica

Unique Mexican-Styled Seafood Restaurant in San Antonio

Costa Pacifica takes good food seriously. We are more than happy to prepare exclusive dishes for San Antonio residents and visitors.

Eating is definitely one of the great pleasures of life, especially when shared with friends and family. No one better to understand this than Costa Pacifica. Our specialized staff is trained to provide the best dining experience for you with vibrant flavors and a friendly environment.

Amazing Moments & Special Food

You are always welcome to taste our delicious meals for lunch and dinner occasions any day of the week. Whether you have a special date, want to gather around with some friends, or just want a nice night out after a long week, Costa Pacifica is the right choice. 

It is true, finding a restaurant where you feel comfortable and food is always on point is not easy, but hopefully Costa Pacifica is that place for you. If you are in the mood for Mexican food or just want to try something different, make a reservation and ask for the chef’s selections or daily specials. Combine this experience with one of our fabulous and creative drinks. Happy hours are available!

We are all about creating a life-changing experience one bite at a time. All of our dishes are inspired in the Mexican culture, their amazing flavors and vibrant colors. Our friendly atmosphere is meant to make you feel like you are surrounded by their lovely people.

Costa Pacifica is like having a piece of Mexico in San Antonio. Just a casual place with a cool vibe where you can have a great team and enjoy their authentic taste.

Creative Combinations of Flavors

Take a break from life with a special dish on an ordinary or boring day. Routine easily catches everyone up, you are always tired and full of activities. It’s always a good time for some excitement. Get ready! Make a reservation and relish great meals with excellent customer service. 

We know, there are so many options around  Mexican food is always a good idea, but Costa Pacifica is an even better one. Check out our menu.

Glad to have you at Costa Pacifica
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